The Section is responsible for insufficient funds checks over $750.00 and also investigates counterfeit checks, forged stolen checks and other types of forged documents, credit card fraud, fraud on financial institutions, identity theft, insurance fraud, utility fraud, counterfeit currency, power of attorney illegally obtained from Adult Protective Services, and a variety of frauds and computer related crimes. The Section’s cases, by their nature, often entail meticulous details and paperwork detailing financial records. Due to the new Privacy Act, which delays the time in which they can obtain information, sending out Fraud Packets allows victims to get information quicker and allows cases to be processed much faster than having to obtain a subpoena.  Additionally, sending out Fraud Packets to all victims will have the victims more actively involved in solving their own cases.  Cases are reviewed on an individual basis.  Since the implementation of the Fraud Packet, the number of assigned cases per detective has been streamlined.

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