J Feasel Enyeant Matt   T Bandor

The Investigative Support Division (ISD) is commanded by Deputy Chief James Feasel and Captains Thomas Bandor and Matthew Enyeart.

The ISD is responsible for the felony investigative function of the Fort Wayne Police Department. Most of the sections are focused on specific or specialized areas of investigating criminal acts or support functions thereof. When citizens call the police to report felony criminal acts the usual response that comes to mind or is depicted in media coverage is the very visible response of marked police cars, lights, sirens, and uniformed officers. While the initial response is a major and necessary function of a police department within a community, it is the aftermath or follow-up stages of investigating an incident that, while not so visible, is a vital function of police services. The over one hundred sworn police officers and civilian support staff assigned to the Investigate Support Division are committed to providing services to the citizens of Fort Wayne, bringing criminal suspects to trial and obtaining justice for victims of crime. The Investigative Support Division can be reached at: 260-427-1201. The following are the various sections/units of this division: