The Fort Wayne Police Department’s Auto Theft Section is a subsection of the Investigative Support Division’s Property Crimes Section. Although much of their work goes unnoticed, they play an important role in the Investigative Support Division. Their duties go far beyond investigating stolen vehicle cases. In addition to stolen vehicles, they also investigate the theft of trailers, ATVs, lawnmowers, construction equipment and vehicle parts. They are often called upon for information regarding vehicles involved in other crimes or civil issues. Much of the Auto Theft Detectives time is spent working with records and the tow lots on vehicles that have been towed by the Department for various reasons. They also monitor the stolen and recovery reports and work with the BMV on titling problems and title histories. They also conduct vehicle inspections; work with the Attorney General’s Office in policing the dealerships and answer questions from uniform officers, as well as officers from other area agencies. The nature of their investigations puts them in touch with police agencies from all over the United States and at times from other countries.

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