The Crime Analysis Unit is responsible to review felony and misdemeanor reports for data accuracy, crime information and patterns. If a pattern or trend is identified, then it is assessed. Maps & datasets are also developed and forwarded to the appropriate quadrant commanders and/or to the Investigative Support Division section commanders. Statistical information is compiled and forwarded to the FBI-UCR using their summary based electronic format system of reporting.

The unit reviews daily crime reports, hosts weekly Comstat meetings, prepares daily incident summary, prepares a weekly active warrant report, and monthly statistical reports for police commanders. Additional assignments include:

  • Prepares Clery Act security reports, (a federal requirement for all colleges and universities) for the local colleges and universities within Fort Wayne;
  • Provides calls for service statistics to individuals for relocation purposes;
  • Provides certain incident reports to the State Health Department on death incidents;
  • Provides monthly calls for service reports to private businesses and Fort Wayne Community Schools; and
  • Provides other statistical data to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Comstat (weekly crimes meeting), and media, as needed.