Fort Wayne police department veteran and narcotic chief Captain Kevin Hunter joins Rubber Bands and Avenues Recovery for a frank discussion on the evolution of his views on addiction and people suffering from it. Follow his path through his eyes as he goes from making arrests, to finding real ways to help. Learn about the HART team and the amazing work they're doing in Fort Wayne. Hear his thoughts about Measure 110, the new Oregon drug decriminalization law. Join a frank discussion about overdoses and COVID-19 lockdowns.

You'll hear a can't miss story about his interaction with a criminal that almost killed him, and how that later came back, in an amazing way.

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Join us in this thought-provoking episode of our podcast, where we get an exclusive opportunity to speak with the Fort Wayne Police Department's Hope and Recovery Team (HART).

As a mobile response team, HART comprises community members from the greater Fort Wayne region, who offer peer support to those battling addiction to opioids and stimulants. They tirelessly seek out and engage residents of Allen County, empowering them on their journey toward recovery.

In this episode, we delve deep into their work, discussing the intricacies of their program, how they became a part of the team, and why the Fort Wayne Police Department recognized the need to bring in social workers.

With insights from their on-the-ground experience, the HART team provides valuable information and guidance on helping individuals battling substance use disorder. This is an episode you won't want to miss, so tune in and join us for a riveting conversation.