Media Fact Sheet

Date:  February 27, 2024

Location: 2800 South Lafayette Street

Time: 0922 hours

Suspect Arrested #1: Eladio Juarez, 52 years of age

Preliminary Charges: Neglect of a dependent

Suspect Arrested #2: Jose Haroldo Solares, 30 years of age

Preliminary Charges:
Count I: Sexual Misconduct with a minor, a Level 4 Felony
Count II: Sexual Misconduct with a minor, a Level 5 Felony 
Count III: Strangulation, a Level 5 Felony
Count IV: Strangulation, a Level 6 Felony
Count V: Domestic Battery, a Class A Misdemeanor


A woman reported that she had an alleged relationship with Jose Solares that began when she was fifteen (15) years old. Mr. Solares was in his twenties and began living at the family residence with permission from her father, Eladio Juarez. Mr. Juarez allegedly knew that his minor daughter and Mr. Solares were having a sexual relationship despite her being unable to consent. Mr. Solares was arrested on June 01, 2023 and Mr. Juarez was arrested on February 20, 2024 for the charges listed.