Media Fact Sheet


Date:  02/22/2024

Location: 5600 block of Lois Lane

Time: 1100 hours

Suspect Arrested #1: Mario Pena Aranda, 64 years of age

Preliminary Charges: Count I: Stalking a Level 6 Felony, Count II: Stalking a Level 5 Felony, Count III: Invasion Of Privacy, a Class A Misdemeanor


An investigation began on February 09, 2024 involving an alleged stalking victim. She named Mario Aranda as the defendant indicating that she had previously obtained an Order of Protection against him. Detective Chuck Volz, an investigator from the FWPD Crimes Against Person Section (CAPS), was assigned to the case. Detective Volz completed his investigation on February 22, 2024 after arresting the defendant for the charges listed above.