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CONTACT: Jessica Crozier, Director of Victim Assistance     

April 20, 2022                                                     

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Fort Wayne Police Department
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Victim Assistance, FWPD acknowledge Crime Victims and Surviving Family at 2022 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Candlelight Vigil

Rights, Access, Equity for All Victims”  


National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW), April 24-30 2022 highlights the importance of      providing needed services at the earliest stage of victimization to prevent further victimization and subsequently foster trust in the criminal justice system that it will work for them, thus addressing the        cycle of violence and restoring hope for the future.  Communities throughout the nation will rally to         honor and support victims of crime. This year’s theme is – “Rights, Access, Equity for All Victims.”

The Victim Assistance Program of the Fort Wayne Police Department will commemorate the advancement of victims’ rights at its annual Candlelight Vigil to recognize victims and survivors of violent crimes. We invite you to attend the vigil with your family and other supporters. The theme “Rights, Access, Equity for All Victims.” – provides an opportunity to recommit ourselves to extending our reach through a victim-centered approach.  By engaging community leaders and organizations in the work to support crime victims, we provide new avenues for victims and enhance our ability to serve them.  When we better learn how to meet the needs of underserved victims and help others understand the impact of victimization and the assistance that is available we expand victims’ options. 


Only 34 years ago, crime victims had virtually no rights and no assistance. The criminal justice system often seemed indifferent to their needs. Victims were commonly excluded from courtrooms and denied the chance to speak at sentencing. They had no access to victim compensation or services to help rebuild their lives. There were few avenues to deal with their emotional and physical wounds. Victims   were on their own to recover their health, security, and dignity.

                    The Candlelight Vigil is one way to bring honor to all crime victims by promoting a greater understanding of crime victims’ needs and the critical importance of working together to help all victims of crime rebuild their lives.  Crime victim services include information regarding their rights, their involvement in and support throughout the justice process as more than a witness; and rights to information about compensation programs and supportive services that can help them cope with the aftermath of crime.  Victim Assistance encourages widespread participation in the week’s events and in other victim-related observances throughout the year. We cannot this year’s sponsor, D.O. McCombs & Sons Funeral Homes for supporting this year’s Candlelight Vigil.


The following is Victim Assistance schedule for 2022:

Candlelight Vigil

Monday, April 25, 2022, at 5:30pm Parkview Field



Diamonds & Denim: Every Victim Matters Auction Event

6th Annual event will be Friday, May 20, 2022

Ceruti’s Catering, 6325 Illinois Rd., Ft Wayne, IN 46804

Silent Auction: 6:30pm-8:00pm,

Live Auction begins 8:30pm.


For more information e-mail the Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (260) 427-2256,