For Immediate Release

November 3, 2021

Barricaded Subject


Date:   November 3, 2021   

Time:  1:03 am                     

Location: 3400 Cheviot Dr.                                                  



Kenneth Copeland Sr.  (False Reporting ) Misd
Kenneth Copeland Jr.   (Charges Pending)


On November 3, 2021 shortly after 1:00 Am the Fort Wayne Police Department responded to the 3400 block of Cheviot in reference to a reported battery that had taken place. Officers were advised that the possible suspect was known to have weapons in his possession from previous encounters that the caller has had with the subject.

Upon Officers arrival they attempted to make contact with someone inside the apartment and they were not able to get anyone to come to the door, and as they were attempting to make contact they could hear yelling from inside the apartment. Officers then tried to use their PA systems to loud hail the apartment trying to get the subject to exit the apartment to speak with them and there was no response. At this time the Fort Wayne Emergency Services Team as well as Crime ResponseTeam members were called to the scene to assist Officers on scene.

Upon their arrival Crisis Response Team members attempted to make contact with the subject inside the apartment by telephone. They were able to make contact with a male subject inside the apartment and attempted to get him to exit the apartment along with another male that was believed to be inside the apartment

The subjects refused to exit the apartment at which time Emergency Services Team members introduced chemical munitions into the apartment and the 2 male subjects exited the apartment immediately and both subjects were taken into custody.

Kenneth Copeland Sr was transported to Allen County Lock-Up and charged with False Reporting and Kenneth Copeland Jr. was transported to Police Headquarters for questioning with possible charges to follow. This incident is being investigated by the Fort Wayne Police Department, and the  Allen County Prosecutor's Office.

Officer Mark A. Bieker
Public Information Officer
Fort Wayne Police Department