For Immediate Release

September 7, 2021

Homicide Investigation                 

Date/Time:     09/07/2021, 4:23 PM

Location:         1400 High St.

Arrested:         Ronald W. Price / Male / Age 48

Charges:          Murder (2 counts), Felony Murder (2 counts),

Robbery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury (1 count) and

Firearm Used in Commission of Offense (1 Count)


On Tuesday, 09/07/2021, at approximately 4:23 PM, the City of Fort Wayne Police Department responded to the 1400 block of High St., reference a tip that Ronald Price was in the house.  Mr. Price was wanted in connection with the 815 Third St. homicides on April 20.

Fort Wayne Police Department Gang and Violent Crimes Unit and other Fort Wayne Officers arrived in the area and established a safe perimeter.  It was determined that the tip was accurate, and Mr. Price was inside the house.

At approximately 6:29 PM, the Emergency Services Team (EST), Air Support Unit (ASU) and Crisis Response Team (CRT) were called to assist given the serious nature of Mr. Price’s warrants.  EST members then loud hailed the house and used distraction devices. He complied with verbal commands from the Emergency Services Team members and was detained without incident.  There were no chemical agents used.  The subject did not incur any injuries because of the incident.

This incident remains under investigation by the City of Fort Wayne Police and the Allen County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. 

Sergeant Ben Messick
Public Information Officer
City of Fort Wayne Police Department