Regarding the attached incident, through a joint effort between FWPD Homicide, Gang and Violent Crimes Unit, Vice and Narcotics Unit, and the Indiana State Police, Cohen Bennett Hancz-Barron has been arrested at an apartment complex in Lafayette, IN.

Cohen Bennett Hancz-Barron is being transported back to the Allen County Jail and will be facing four charges of Murder.

Our many thanks to the public and media for the tremendous assistance in sharing information and calling in tips on this wanted fugitive. 

The Fort Wayne Police Department is looking for Cohen Bennett Hancz-Barron, 21yo male, 6 feet 205lbs. 

Cohen is considered armed and extremely dangerous; anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call 911.

He was last seeing driving the attached black 2010 Ford  truck with license plate "RASHAD" and may have recently dyed his hair red.

More information to follow.

cohen1 truck1