Fort Wayne Police Department Officers can be hired by third parties to perform the following police duties:

  • Traffic control and pedestrian safety,
  • Crowd control,
  • Security and protection of life and property,
  • Routine law enforcement for public authorities, and
  • Plainclothes assignments.

This is called extra-duty employment. By filling out the below form, government, profit-making or not-for-profit entities may request to contract with the Patrolman's Benevolent Association and/or Fraternal Order of Police for purposes of hiring FWPDofficers for extra-duty employment.

To request hiring an officer or officers for extra-duty employment, please complete the following form. This request must be submitted at least one (1) week prior to the event.

 Please click on the following button to submit your request.

Special Events Notice

If your event requires any of the following, it is considered a special event and must be approved by the Fort Wayne Public Works- Right of Way Office:

If your special event meets any of these criteria, do not fill out the form on this page. Instead, please contact the Fort Wayne Public Works- Right of Way Office to initiate the process of permitting your event. 

 Apply for a permit via the online portal: CLICK HERE