Please call 260-427-1201 if you have any information about the featured cases.


FWPD's Victim Assistance Unit partnered with the Homicide Unit to create the project "After the Yellow Tape".After the yellow tape

After the Yellow Tape was created to feature homicide cases that are missing that one piece to solve the case and bring justice for the families. If you have any information pertaining to the videos please contact the FWPD Detective Bureau at 260-427-1201. Often times families have no idea what happens when the yellow tape is up and what will be happening with their loved one’s case. Additional videos will be created in the future that will feature a new cold case homicide.


 Victim: Adam Tadeo

 Date of death: 3/25/2009

 Victim: Fermin Rosa

 Date of death: 6/10/2018

 Victim: Destinie Haywood

 Date of death: 1/14/2018

Victim: Felton Walker

Date of death: 3/16/2019