Immediate Release
Date: 6/22/2020
Incident Type: Carjacking

Location: 3100 E State Blvd
Time: 9:34am
Arrested: Rue Miller M/W/33 DOB 9-4-1986 from Huntington, IN


Officers were called to 3100 E State Blvd to the Goodwill where a male had just carjacked a Goodwill Truck. The suspect left the scene and there was possibly a person still in the truck when it was taken.  The stolen truck was reported to have struck a vehicle on the lot before leaving the area.

A short time later the suspect was driving the stolen truck in the area of Hobson and Vance when it reportedly struck a City Link Bus. The suspect then exited the truck and fled the scene. He was reportedly armed with a fire extinguisher when he left from the truck. He then attempted to carjack another car using the fire extinguisher but could not complete the act due to the driver’s diligence. He left on foot from that scene. Shortly thereafter, police reported at 3400 Eastwood Dr that the suspect had a hostage. A female had come out of her home and was approached by the suspect. He took control of her by the neck as officers approached the area. He then began screaming at officers to “kill me.” He still had control of the fire extinguisher and control of the female by the neck.

Officers contained the suspect to that area. Officers began trying to talk the subject asking him to release the hostage. He refused. Officers called for Negotiators and Emergency Services Units that were working to make the scene while they continued talking with the suspect. He did let the female go but refused to put down the fire extinguisher nor would he comply with Officers commands. At that time Officers did deploy Less Lethal bean bags as well as a Taser. By doing this the officers were able to gain control of the suspect and take him into custody. Per policy the suspect was taken to a local hospital for medical clearance. The female was said not to have sustained any physical injuries.

There were no reported injuries from any accident reported. Initially, it was reported as an accident with injury but Fort Wayne Fire Department made the scene and advised there were no injuries at Vance and Hobson.

At this time this case is still an active investigation. The preliminary charges for the suspect are as follows: Robbery (2 counts), Attempted Robbery, Felony Theft, Leaving the Scene of an Accident (4 counts), Kidnapping, Criminal Confinement and Resisting Law Enforcement.

Sofia Rosales-Scatena
Public Information Officer
Fort Wayne Police Department