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On March 16, 2021 Chaplain Hartman was recognized by the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC) Region 4 Indiana and awarded the distinguished Wilbert A. Cunningham Award of Excellence in Law Enforcement Chaplaincy for his continued support and service as a police chaplain. 
This marks the 4th FWPD police chaplain to receive this prestigious recognition, which is the most in the State of Indiana. To say the Fort Wayne Police Department is blessed to have him is an understatement. Congratulations Chaplain Hartman!!

PoliSympathy Booklet FWPD Page 01 Snapshot 01ce Chaplaincy is a ministry of compassion, presence, and prayer set within the dangerous world of law enforcement.  Nine active chaplains currently volunteer their assistance. Police Chaplains serve the officers and civilian personnel of the police department and the community in which they live.  They provide emergency counseling to those in crisis, make death notifications with compassion, pray with those who are in trouble, and provide a compassionate presence to those in grief.  While the work of the Police Chaplain is sometimes difficult and taxing, the satisfaction gained by ministering to those in the worst possible situations is reward in and of itself.

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