The Records Section is responsible for maintaining the Department’s centralized records management program and works in conjunction with the Spillman Record Management Computer Administrator as custodians of all Departmental records.The Records Section will maintain all case records, identification records, criminal history files, the master alphabetical index files, a master case number file, the Spillman Record Management Computer file, and other files as deemed appropriate.

Front Desk Hours:

  • Call 260-427-2020
  • Hours for in-person access: 24 hrs. a day/7 days a week.
    To file a report in person, picking up incident reports, background checks, and permits.

Emergency Calls:

DIAL ‘911’
These are high priority calls requiring an officer immediately. Examples are robbery, battery, domestic battery, car accident, any crime in the process of being committed, disturbance, party armed with a weapon, suspicious people or vehicle, fights, shooting, stabbing, rape, suicide, fire, explosion, missing child, etc.

Tele-Service (Phone) Reports:

Call 260-427-1340
These reports can be taken over the phone 24 hrs. a day/7 days a week.
Examples of Teleservice reports are as follows: vandalism, theft from a vehicle, unauthorized use of a credit card/number, theft from yards, theft from unattached garages or sheds, fail to pay, theft of a bicycle, theft from Commercial storage facilities, theft from a home where no force entry occurred, identity theft, scam reports, vending machine thefts, lost property reports, violation of a protective order older than 24 hours- no evidence can be collected & the other par
ty is not one the scene.