As Chief of the Fort Wayne Police Department, I want to welcome you to our website.  Please take a few minutes to learn more about our agency, programs, staff, and the latest news. Whether you are just curious about the agency, or looking for specific facts or details, I think you will find a great deal of valuable information here.

I am honored to be the Police Chief in Fort Wayne.  To be given an opportunity to serve this vibrant city is the chance of a lifetime. Leading an agency of dedicated professionals who recognize their calling and who pursue it with a passion is extremely rewarding.  The second largest city in Indiana, with a population of just under 260,000 inhabitants, Fort Wayne was christened the “City That Saved Itself” because of the events that unfolded when a devastating flood enveloped a large portion of our city in the 1980’s.  It was an example of what is right about our community, a time when, against all odds, neighbors came together shoulder to shoulder, successfully working to save the homes and businesses of our city from the rising flood waters. That willingness to do what is right prevails to this very day. This is why it is my commitment to continue working closely with our neighborhoods and businesses, utilizing our community oriented policing model that empowers you to address quality of life issues.

Additional resources will be directed to each of the four quadrants in our city allowing our commanders to combat crime and at the same time to serve our citizens proactively. Our use of crime analysis will be expanded so that concentrations of crime and the types of crimes being committed can be readily identified. Our Department will bring to bear these additional resources to respond effectively to any issue. Enhanced intelligence gathering will be a focus, allowing us the capability to monitor individuals and groups known to be actively involved in criminal activity.  We will utilize this intelligence to take the necessary actions to intercede.

Reducing crime is now, and will continue to be, priority number one for me and for the Fort Wayne Police Department. Collectively we can and we will be the difference in making the City of Fort Wayne the safest city of its size in America.

FWPD Police Chief Steve Reed

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