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Home Burglary Prevention Tips Part (8)

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Biological Alarm


The earliest “alarm systems” used by man to detect intruders were his animals. An alarm, after all, is basically a device to discover the presence of an intruder and sound a warning —— a dog may possibly be a good alternative for this purpose. A noisy, little dog can be a very inexpensive, very effective intrusion detection alarm. Food, water and affection can produce an alert, mobile, self contained alarm system which may be as effective as an electronic home alarm.


Security Closet


Each home should ideally have a security closet, for storage of firearms, silver, cameras, coin collections, etc., within it. This closet should have load bearing walls on as many sides as possible. Heavy plywood should be installed on the inside (plasterboard) walls. The security closet should have a solid core door, a heavy duty deadbolt, high security strike and non-removable hinge pins. If the home has an alarm system, the closet door or interior should be alarmed.


Home Safes


If a homeowner utilizes a safe for securing money or valuables, the safe should have a Underwriters Laboratories (UL) burglary resistant label on it. This UL label means that the safe model has been tested to resist attacks of a specific nature for a certain number of minutes,


Fire resistant chests and files also have UL ratings which indicate an endurance to fire in minutes or hours. Many people do not know the difference between fire resistant safes or chests and money safes.


Safe Deposit Boxes


Homeowners should be strongly encouraged to rent a safe deposit box in which to store: 1) compact items of extreme value, such as diamonds or others expensive jewelry, heirlooms, and stamp and coin collections; 2) flammable documents such as legal papers, certificates, stocks and bonds, insurance policies, contracts and inventory and photos of household goods. Depending upon the special needs of the homeowner, the following is a list of the type of documents that should be stored in a rented band safe deposit box:


3    Stock and bond certificates                                           3    Income tax records                  

3    Mortgages, property titles and deeds                             3    Health records

3    Birth, marriage and death certificates                             3    Insurance policies

3    PassportsPension plans                                                 3    Household inventory    

3    Military discharge papers                                              3    Citizenship and adoption papers


Amber Alert

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