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·    Important Things To Look For

In A Residential Alarm System


3    An alarm system must have a reliable power supply. The most dependability is provided by a system that operates on household electric power, with emergency backup power provided by a battery to assure operation during power interruption. A rechargeable means of automatically reporting battery failure should be included. A service and maintenance contract that includes automatic battery replacement is highly desirable.


3    Some visual or audible signal should be provided to notify or alert the homeowner of a malfunction in the system prior to operation.


3    Any components that can turn the system on or off or render it otherwise inoperative or ineffective should be tamper resistant.


3    All components and installation methods should meet the requirements of all applicable local standards, regulations and codes.


3    An installed alarm system should carry a warranty covering parts and labor, from both the manufacturer and installer for a period of no less than one year from the date of installation.


3    The installation company should by contract be required to provide service and repairs on a prompt basis.

3    Upon installation of an alarm system, the homeowner should be thoroughly knowledgeable of what it does and what it does not do. They should be made familiar with all the details of operating the system and receive verbal as well as written instructions covering all possible circumstances involving the alarm system.


·    Selecting The Right Alarm Company


The alarm installation field is one of the country’s fastest growing industries. While there are many experienced, reputable and reliable alarm installation companies, there are also those that are less than reputable and who will take advantage of the homeowner.


An alarm installation company should ideally be well established and have a verifiable record of successful operation. To check on an alarm installation company, the homeowner can possibly contact the local police and fire departments, the Better Business Bureau, the Consumer Protection Agency or the Chamber of Commerce. This background checking should be done before the company is invited into the home.


Employees of an alarm installation company who have access to a home should be bonded. It is also advisable to obtain a list of satisfied customers and to contact them directly.


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