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Home Burglary Prevention Tips Part (5)

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·     Garage Doors

      The failure to close and lock the garage door often presents the most serious security problem in the home. This should always be emphasized to the homeowner. The following are a series of recommendations related to garage door security:


3    The garage door should be locked at all times (even when the occupant is at home);

3    Overhead track operated doors are best secured with electronic door openers. They should be of the type that can be disconnected from inside the garage in the event the home is unoccupied for long periods of time;

3    A good case hardened padlock on which both ends of the shackle engage, should be used to secure the garage door;                      

3    For garage doors with overhead tracking, drill holes into the track above a roller with a pin or padlock inserted through the slot;

3    For garage doors that are counter-balanced, secure with two case-hardened hasps and padlocks bolted onto both sides of the door;

3    For garage doors that have a double out swing, mount heavy duty slide bolts to the inside of one door at the top and bottom to make it stationary. A case hardened hasp and padlock can then be bolted on to secure the active door to the inactive door;

3    The door leading from the garage into the home should be a solid wood or metal core door and should have a good quality deadbolt lock on it;

3    If a garage door has a “doggie door,” this can be a means of access for a burglar;

3    Homeowners should be cautioned not to leave garage door openers in vehicles parked outside, as they  can obviously be used for easy access into the garage.


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