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Halloween Safety Tips

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Parents/ guardians please be mindful and pass along these safety tips to your children when "trick-or-treating" this Halloween.

  • If you wear dark colored clothing, stay on sidewalks whenever possible and carry a flashlight or a light of some type to help identify you.
  • Do not play in piles of leaves while out walking. Reckless drivers may not see you when they drive through the piles of leaves.
  • If wearing a costume or mask, be sure that you are able to see well enough and that the costume fits appropriately to enable you to walk or run if necessary. Choose one that is flame resistant and one that is reflective for darker areas.
  • Have your food and treats checked by an adult prior to eating them and never eat open or unwrapped treats.
  • Avoid visiting homes that are not well lighted, use only the front door, and never go inside the home.
  • Travel in groups whenever possible.
  • Allow children to carry cell phones if they are responsible enough.
  • Never accept rides from people that are not your family unless pre-arranged by your parents, i.e. riding with a parent of a friend.
  • Notify your parents of the area(s) where you will be going. Set a time when children are to be home.
  • Stay alert to cars, people, surroundings, etc. If it seems wrong, strange, or suspicious then it probably is.
  • Do not cut through yards, driveways, or alleys.
  • Stay away from strange animals and do not pet them without the owners permission.
  • Ensure that face paint or makeup is non-toxic.
  • Ensure that children know traffic safety as it pertains to crossing the street, using sidewalks, walking against the flow of traffic, etc.
  • Emergency identification information should be discreetly placed inside the clothing of small children in case of accidental separation.
  • Avoid allowing children wearing their names outwardly on clothing or jewelry, which may enable strangers to call them by name, appearing to know them.
  • As always, children should be cautious to avoid strangers.

The Fort Wayne Police Department would like to wish you and your children a safe and Happy Halloween!


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