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Operation I.D.

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Operation I.D.

Operation I.D. is a program designed to list those items of value in your home or vehicle(s) that could be stolen or lost. Listing these items may also benefit those who have suffered from a natural disaster by helping prove to insurance companies which posessions were lost.

How does Operation I.D. work?

Property owners use a list (see PDF below) to document their items or posessions of value, which includes specific identifiers such as make, model, serial number, owner applied number (OAN), color, syle, etc. An audit should be conducted to list these items and should be updated anytime a valuable identifiable purchase is made.

Owners are encouraged to use the form provided, or they can design one of their own either in paper form or by using a computer data base. Once this is completed, it is highly recommended that a copy be made and kept in a seperate location such as with a relative. For computers, it is important that a copy be made and kept seperate from the computer itself. This way if the computer is stolen or disabled, you will have a backup.

Please do not send a copy to the Fort Wayne Police Department. We do not have the room to store the multitude of forms submitted by our citizens.

If your valuables are lost or stolen, you will have a means to prove that they belong to you.

Photographing your property is also another way of further documenting this, but it is not necessary for our purposes.

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