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               Employee Theft is a Real Problem

The Fort Wayne Police Department would like to offer some advice to our commercial community with regards to preventing employee theft. We would also like to offer employers a document that they can post at the workplace, which can be downloaded from the PDF file located below. It is estimated that approximately 75%-80% of all inventory loss is a result of employee theft. The rest of the loss can be attributed to shoplifting.

  • Develop policies that specify how an employee may return items. Employees should not be allowed to process their own personal transactions.
  • Provide lockers for employees and indicate through policies that purses, gym bags, backpacks, briefcases, etc. are not to be brought into merchandise area.
  • Supplement surveillance of the premises with CCTV, digital systems are preferred.
  • Develop a policy for trash removal. Spot check trash containers and flatten boxes. Use transparent trash bags.
  • Returned items should be inspected by someone other than the person who conducted the sale.
  • Develop strict security policies related to audits and inventory.
  • Persons responsible for payroll should not be directly involved in its distribution.
  • Management should conduct spot inspections of areas suspected of being used as a cache, delivery trucks, etc.
  • Background checks should be conducted on all employees PRIOR to Point Of Hire and anytime employees are suspected of theft unless termination is in order. Sometimes employees have legal issues after they have been hired.
  • Limit the amount of cash allowed to accumulate in the registers.
  • Mandate immediate "over ring" notification with receipts to be signed by a manager.
  • Develop policies/ procedures for key control and access management that includes key audits. Electronic access and key control should only be granted to those who NEED it for job performance. Ensure key/ access control return by using a policy for retreival (holding onto the last paycheck is one method).
  • Conduct audits by outside auditing agencies.
  • Mandate that employees take their vacations-this may reveal a trend when theft stops during these times.
  • All shortages should be immediately and aggressively followed up on.

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