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Indiana Moped and Scooter Laws

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                         Indiana Moped and Scooter Laws

The following information is being provided by the Fort Wayne Police Department. While not all laws are covered with regards to motorized bicycles, commonly known as "mopeds", those directly related to mopeds have been included. Any violation(s) could cause the operator to encounter criminal and/ or civil liability. These have been explained in a simple manner.

Indiana Code I.C. 9-21-11-12 Restricitons on operation of mopeds-In order to operate a moped, you must:
(1) Be at least 15 years old;
                (a)Those under 18 years old  (I.C. 9-21-11-13) must:
                      (i) Wear protective headgear;
                      (ii) Wear eye protection, i.e. goggles, glasses, faceshield, etc.
(2)Have with you a state issued drivers license or I.D. card;
(3)You cannot drive on an interstate highway or sidewalk;
(4) You cannot drive over 25 miles per hour

Other rules of the road
It is important to understand that depending on certain factors, your "scooter" may be considered a motorcycle. If this is the case, then you will have to obey those laws pertaining to motorcycles. The following definitions apply.

(1)Moped-a 2 or 3 wheeled vehicle powered by an engine or electric motor. If it is 
     powered by an engine:
    (a)It must not have a rating or more than 2 HP (horsepower);
    (b)It must not be more than 50cc (cubic centimeter)
    (c)It must have an automatic transmission;
    (d)It must be intended not to exceed 25MPH by design;
    (e)This does not apply to electric personal assistive mobility devices.
    (f) It may be driven by no more than 2 side by side in a single lane;
    (g)Intended for 1 occupant (the driver);
    (h) Has both pedals and a motor or engine.

(2) Scooter-a vehicle that has the following:
     (a)Motive power (engine or motor);
     (b)A seat, but not a saddle for the driver;
     (c)Two wheels;
     (d)A floorpad for the drivers feet (floorboard);
     (e)Intended for 1 occupant (the driver)

When a scooter is considered a moped
                                (1)When it is rated at 2HP or less; and
                                (2)When is has 50cc or less; and
                                (3)When the designed speed is not greater than 25MPH

                              When a scooter is considered a motorcycle
                              (1)When it is rated at more than 2HP; and
                              (2)When it has more than 50cc; and
                              (3)When the designed speed is greater than 25MPH.

     (f) If this is the case in the latter example, then it is considered a motorcycle
       (i) Drivers and passengers under 18 must wear head and eye protection;
       (ii) Drivers must have with them a valid motorcycle endorsement or
             motorcycle learners permit;
       (iii) The vehicle must be registered (license plates) and insured;
       (iv)All other motor vehicle laws apply;
       (v) It may be driven by no more than 2 side by side in a single lane.

(3)Motorcycle-a motor vehicle with motive power, with a seat or saddle, with no more than 3 wheels in contact with the roadway, but does not include farm tractors or motorized bicycles.

The Fort Wayne Police Department would like to remind you to stay safe while operating any of these vehicles and remember, while you may see other drivers, they may not see you!

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