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What is the Crime Prevention Bureau?

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What is the crime prevention bureau?

The "Crime Prevention Bureau" is staffed  by one full time officer whose duties are related to educating the public and other officers. Secondary duties are to act as a liaison with other local safety groups.The office is currently staffed by Officer Todd Battershell who acts as the department's Crime Prevention Officer. He is certified by the American Crime Prevention Institute as an Advanced CPTED Specialist and a Basic Crime Prevention Specialist.

Education comes in two forms, Public Presentations and Security Surveys for homes, businesses, churches, and so on. These are free services to any resident of the City of Fort Wayne.

Some of the presentation topics provided are Identity Theft, General Safety, Senior Safety, Robbery Prevention, Preventing Theft from Vehicles, and others.

Officer Battershell uses primary CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles while conducting security surveys. In addition, he looks at the secondary aspects of CPTED such as "Target Hardening". By looking at both aspects, we can cover the most problematic areas of crime prevention for our residents. A better look at CPTED can be found in a downloadable brochure located on the PDF below.

How can I have a presentation or survey done?

You can schedule a survey or presentation by calling the Crime Prevention Bureau at 427-1207. Office hours are Monday-Friday 7AM to 3PM. Voicemail is available to leave a message.

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