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What is Safe at Home?

Safe at home is a program designed as a safety measure for those with special needs during times of an emergency, natural disaster, etc. For example, say that the city experiences a flood and Aunt Sue lives alone in the projected flood area. She uses a walker and requires oxygen to survive. How will she get the help she needs or get evacuated in a timely manner? This program can assist Sue and her loved ones in taking care of her. In addition, this program may assist the Fire, EMS, and Police in locating an individual inside a residence that has fallen by giving them contact names of persons with keys to the residence. This would prevent these agencies from knocking down a door unnecessarily, thus preventing unwanted damage and allowing the police to return to their duties quicker instead of having to wait for someone to secure the residence. 

How does someone enroll?

The family member or their loved ones with a power of attorney may request a volunteer from Allen County TRIAD to meet with them to fill out the application, or the form can be downloaded as a PDF document below and mailed in. The information will then be added to the system that Fire, EMS, and Police use. If an emergency occurs, the public safety official will then be able to access the information and respond accordingly. For more information call (260)469-3036. 

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