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Safety Tips and Crime Reduction in Fort Wayne

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The Fort Wayne Police Department would like to remind you to be safe during this new year and would like to offer you some of these safety tips.

1. Avoid leaving your vehicle running to warm up during the colder months. Locking your doors during this time offers little protection against car thieves...and it makes stealing it very easy for them since the keys are in your vehicle.

2. Avoid leaving valuables lying about in plain view in your vehicle(s). Thefts from vehicles is one of the leading crimes in Fort Wayne and some of the items left for thieves may also lead to other crimes such as Identity Theft.

3. Avoid labeling the gender of your vehicle. For example, hanging necklaces from the mirror or posting photos on the dashboard may tell people the gender of the person operating the vehicle. This could be especially dangerous with regards to sexual predators.

4. Stay alert, stay safe! Look around before exiting your vehicle or walking out to your vehicle. If someone or something looks suspicous then it probably is. Call for security or police, or drive away to a safer location. Park in well lighted areas as close to buildings and legitamate users of space to increase the probability of Natural Surveillance.

5. At home, you should supplement all exterior doors with deadbolt locks. Ensure lighting near the door is in proper working order, and ask neighbors watch out for one another. Alarm systems may be recommended, but each site is uniquely different. The object here is to provide risk for the OFFENDER while reducing YOUR risk of becoming a victim.

The Fort Wayne Police Department-Crime Prevention office is proud to serve Fort Wayne and enjoys partnering with our community to make us all safer. Have a safe and enjoyable 2007!

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