The Fort Wayne Police Department has multiple divisions that serve the City of Fort Wayne in a variety of ways. The sections below highlight each division and the responsibilities that are assigned.

Community Relations Division

The Community Relations Division is Commanded by Captain Mitchell McKinney. The Division is committed to maintaining the highest level of communication with the citizens of Fort Wayne. Social media, media releases and news conferences, public service announcements, as well as presentations at schools, businesses and other events are just a few of the functions performed by the officers of this division on a daily basis.

Fort Wayne is a multi-cultural community. The goal of the Community Relations Division is to maintain positive relationships within the various communities located within the city. The Community Relations Division utilizes social media, group presentations, public events, and an excellent working relationship with the local media to keep the public informed of the events that occur within the city and the various communities.

Public Information Officer
The Public Information Officer is on the Chief’s staff and works closely with the media to disperse information of incidents and events that have occurred or are planned to occur in the future to the public. The Public Information Officer also makes presentations to local groups on public safety issues.

Safety Village
Multiple generations of Fort Wayne elementary school students have visited Safety Village and learned about traffic safety and personal safety. Safety Village is a mock city complete with buildings, streets and traffic control devices. Students attend a presentation and then end the day touring the mock city putting what they have learned into practice, both by walking and then driving Power Wheels vehicles on the streets.

Community/Multi-Cultural Liaison Officers
The Community/Multi-Cultural Liaison Officers maintain close contact with the various community leaders that represent the multiple cultures found within the city of Fort Wayne. These officers make group presentations and are available to answer any questions that citizens may have regarding law enforcement and safety.

School Resource Officers
These officers work primarily in the middle schools of the Fort Wayne Community School District. They are liaisons between the students, faculty, parents and the Fort Wayne Police Department.

Social Media Officer
The Social Media Officer works in conjunction with the Public Information Officer and dispenses information regarding current events, updates on various incidents and other information of interest to the public by use of the Fort Wayne Police Department website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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To contact Sergeant James Seay:
Telephone: 260-427-2242

East Quadrants

The East Quadrants (Northeast and Southeast Divisions) are commanded by Deputy Chief Paul Shrawder and Captains Scott Caudill (Northeast) and William Corn (Southeast).

The officers in the Northeast Division cover 30 square miles of area and serve approximately 75,934 citizens. The quadrant is a mixture of mostly residential and retail areas and is comprised of three districts: Edward, Frank, and George. The NE Division oversees Northeast Uniform.

To contact the Northeast Division, please call: 260-427-1040.

The Southeast Division is comprised of about 52,210 citizens and is approximately 17.5 square miles. It is comprised of three districts: Mary, Nora, and Ocean. It is a mixture of residential, retail and industrial areas.  The Division oversees Southeast Uniform and Crime Stoppers.

To contact the Southeast Division, please call: 260-427-1319


West Quadrants

The West Quadrants (Northwest and Southwest Divisions) are commanded by Deputy Chief Stephen Haffner and Captains Paul Smith (Northwest) and Derrick Wesfield (Southwest).

The Northwest Division officers cover 34.5 Square miles of the city’s total 110.36 square miles of area. It is a mixture of residential, retail, and industrial areas and is comprised of three districts: Adam, Baker, and Charles. The NW Division oversees Northwest Uniform and Shift Commanders.

To contact the Northwest Division, please call: 260-427-1421 

The Southwest Division officers cover an area of 35 square miles and serve approximately 63,155 citizens. The quadrant is a mixture of residential, retail, and industrial areas and is comprised of four districts: John, Lincoln, Ida and King. The Southwest Division oversees Southwest Uniform Operations, 911 Communications Liaison, and Merit Commission Liaison.

To contact the Southwest Division, please call: 260-427-1419


Investigative Support Division

The Investigative Support Division (ISD) is commanded by Deputy Chief Garry Hamilton and Captain Thomas Bandor. The ISD is responsible for the felony investigative function of the Fort Wayne Police Department. Most of the sections are focused on specific or specialized areas of investigating criminal acts or support functions thereof. When citizens call the police to report felony criminal acts the usual response that comes to mind or is depicted in media coverage is the very visible response of marked police cars, lights, sirens, and uniformed officers. While the initial response is a major and necessary function of a police department within a community, it is the aftermath or follow-up stages of investigating an incident that, while not so visible, is a vital function of police services. The over one hundred sworn police officers and civilian support staff assigned to the Investigate Support Division are committed to providing services to the citizens of Fort Wayne, bringing criminal suspects to trial and obtaining justice for victims of crime. The various areas of the Investigative Support Division include:

  • Robbery/Homicide Division
  • Crimes against Persons Division
  • Juvenile Affairs Division
  • Property Crimes Division
  • Financial Crimes Division
  • Missing Persons Unit
  • Auto Theft Unit
  • Burglary Suppression Unit
  • Pawn Shop Unit
  • Crime Analysis
  • Department Chaplains

To contact the Investigative Support Division, please call: 260-427-1201 

Vice and Narcotics Bureau

The Fort Wayne Police Department’s Vice and Narcotics Bureau is commanded by Deputy Chief James Feasel and Captain Kevin Hunter. The Bureau is committed to the investigation of narcotics and vice crimes and related activities. The Vice and Narcotics Bureau is staffed with detectives working in an undercover capacity, uniform detectives who work in conjunction with the undercover detectives, Task Force detectives who are assigned to work with the various federal law enforcement agencies, and the Gang and Violent Crimes Unit. The Vice and Narcotics Division also oversees the Pipe & Drum Brigade and Honor Guard.

To contact the Vice & Narcotics Division, please call: 260-427-1203

Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division is commanded by Deputy Chief Martin Bender and Captain Scott Berning.

The Special Operations units include:

  • Downtown Patrol
  • Fleet
  • Hit Skip
  • K9 Unit
  • Special Events
  • Specialty Teams:
    • Air Support Unit (ASU)
    • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
    • Critical Response Team (CRT)
    • Emergency Services Team (SWAT)
    • Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)
    • FACT
    • Public Safety Response Team (PSRT)

Police Training Center

The Police Training Center is committed to providing sworn law enforcement officers and police recruits with best-practices police training.  As law enforcement officers are increasingly being called upon to act as problem solvers in our community, the Training Division is dedicated to providing officers with the necessary skills and resources to professionally serve and protect the citizens of Fort Wayne.

The Training Academy is commanded by Captain Juan Barrientes.

The primary mission of the Fort Wayne Police Training Center is to facilitate:

  • Hiring and training of new officers.
  • Provide all active officers of the Fort Wayne Police Department training that exceeds the state-mandated minimum training hours.
  • Facilitate training in specific topics.

The Fort Wayne Police Training Division also serves as a regional academy and host for training for other organizations, including our federal law enforcement partners.  In an effort to ensure that members of the Fort Wayne Police Department continue our tradition of excellence, the Training division diligently staffs a cadre with a variety of subject matter expertise.

To contact the Police Training Center, please call: 260-427-1240

Office of Professional Standards

The Office of Professional Standards is commanded by Captain David Nelson. The Division encompasses the Internal Affairs Unit, Firearms Management, and the Information Systems & Technology Unit (ISTU).


To contact the Office of Professional Standards, please call: 260-427-1424.