Four and Five Year Olds Ingest Drug April 6, 2017


For Immediate Release

April 6, 2017

Four and Five Year Olds Ingest Hallucinogenic Drug


Date:                           Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Time:                           2:15 p.m.


Locations:                  5800 Bunt Drive and 2800 Millbrook Drive


Victims:                       Four Year Old Male and Five Year Old Male




On Wednesday, April 5th Fort Wayne police responded to a residence in the 5800 block of Bunt Drive to assist medics with what was being reported as a possible drug overdose involving a five year old male. On scene officers learned that medics were transporting a five year old to a local hospital on the suspicion that he had ingested a hallucinogenic drug.  Once at the hospital the medical staff determined him to be in critical condition. A short time later police were informed of a second possible drug overdose this time involving a four year old male. That phone call was made to police by staff members of a local hospital who indicated that the child’s parent had transported him to the emergency room on the suspicion he had ingested an unknown drug. The four year was listed in stable condition.


Investigators later learned that the two incidents were related. Apparently the two children live at a residence in the 2800 block of Millbrook Drive. It is believed that the children discovered the drugs in a pocket of a seventeen year old male that was visiting the home. Thinking that the items were candy the two children consumed them.  The parent noticed the four old acting strangely, drove to the residence on Bunt Drive to drop off the five year old for safekeeping at a friend’s home while she took the four year old to the hospital. Both children have fully recovered. This is still an active and ongoing investigation.


Michael Joyner

Public Information Officer

Fort Wayne Police Department.