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Intersections / Stop lights
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Post Intersections / Stop lights 
I don’t know what the FWPD policy is for running through intersections/red lights. But yesterday I had an officer blow through an intersection as it turned red, going 80-90 mph in a 40 mph zone. This is just insane considering he didn’t have his lights/sirens on. Unless he is chasing an active murderer or someone like that I don’t see how logically they can put me and everyone else in danger at the intersection, to chase a “suspect”. I would like to see FWPD use some logic when blowing through intersections at high rates of speed… think about what the suspect did and if it is worth potentially killing an innocent person(s) over.

I chased down this cop, which took some time since I had to stay within the posted speed limits. I rode his butt until he pulled over... he didn’t take this too kindly. But he did ask me to call FWPD next time instead of chasing him down. I asked him to slow down since he was kind of going crazy. I doubt he will slow down and he probably thought I was insane. My point is I should be able to rely on a cop to use logic and not put my life (and others) in danger while chasing a suspect.

I saw no cars being chased and find it hard to believe he was doing anything more than burning through taxpayers’ gas and putting civilians at risk. I have a picture of his cruiser while pulled over in front of me, if any FWPD officer is interested in telling this young cop to maybe slow down a little next time and think about who he is potentially putting in danger.

From a concerned citizen of Fort Wayne.

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You should lodge a complaint with Internal Affairs at 260 427-1424, and especially since you went so far as to 'ride his butt', and then submit an anonymous post/complaint on this forum.

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