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Noise Complaints
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Hi, every night somebody in our neighborhood plays music loud enough not only for us to hear it but we can feel it in our floor as they play it. They also play this music until around 1am. As I'm not entirely sure who it is that is playing the music, I was wondering who I should call about or if there is a specific number for the police department? Any help would be appreciated as it tends to keep us up at night and is leading to problematic sleeping patterns. Thanks!

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newyork167, you can contact the Police Department through the non-emergency number, (260) 427 - 1222. Be sure to provide the call taker with the hundred block you suspect the music is coming from. An officer will be dispatched to try and locate the source of the music, and take any appropriate enforcement action.

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Thing is, the POLICE have to hear it, otherwise it's a wasted call.

And if the noise is coming from a VEHICLE, get as complete a description as you can (not that this will make the noise go away permanently).
If the noise is from a house, all I've ever seen is a drive by and maybe an officer goes to the door and the music stops...sometimes.
You can't be on the phone to dispatch 24/7...people have GOT to be held responsible for their own behavior.
We have one guy in the 600 block of E. Maple Grove that randomly sets off HUGE fircrackers at night...NEVER get caught.
Another boomcar (black 2004 Crown Vic, new \"God\" plate) drives through the area sometimes SEVERAL TIMES a day...month after month...again...never gets caught.

It's called ACTIVE PATROLS...that's what keeps noise-mekers to a minimum.
Also, if you driver through Decatur thumping your stereo, you WILL get ticketed.

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