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Traffic control following the storm
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Post Traffic control following the storm 
I've noticed that especially on Coliseum Blvd, there was a definite need for some active traffic control from Speedway drive to Coldwater, Clinton, Parnell, Anthony and maybe further south.
With Friday being the beginning for some of the July 4th weekend, and some from outside the area passing through Fort Wayne, the backlog of traffic, and the occasional inability of drivers to figure how to best manage the equivalent of a 4 way stop for 3 or more lanes in each direction, the implementation of no more than 10 officers or so would have been quite helpful. It would have minimized the risk of accidents which were narrowly averted, and definitely averted road rage that came from the traffic Jam. Also, such implementation would have been helpful for expediting any emergency vehicles that would need to use Coliseum.
It appears that there were not any significant accidents, but I know from sitting in the traffic and seeing how people were driving, that a simple utilization of a few officers in this role would have been a positive influence, and would have aided thousands of people who spent considerable time sitting in this congestion.

As an aside, I've noticed that quite often, when multiple 5-12+ police cars have responded to incidents or other occasions where they block a lane of traffic, having at least one officer conduct some sort of traffic control would minimize risk to themselves and others, and prevent other incidents from happening.

Is there any real reason (aside from "we don't have enough personnel") why there is such a shortcoming in this area. It really doesn't reflect well on the city, and it's ability to react to something severe. Granted most people were able to navigate this, but consider the possibility if there were some greater demand on Coliseum blvd, or if there had been something requiring emergency vehicles to traverse that road.

I would hope that you think about this and think about how to better react if something similar happens in the future. It appears that your department has strong and practiced reactions to shooting and other violent crimes, but is not the general motto of all police forces one to Protect and Serve. What better way to accomplish that by ensure safe conditions on one of the most heavily traveled roadways in the city/area, and minimize the risk of accidents?

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