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My computer has been hacked!
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Post My computer has been hacked! 
Computer hacking is a serious crime - more importantly, is being laughed at when it happens to you because nobody considers it a crime when you get hacked in a "video game" of a "virtual world".

My login information (identity theft) was somehow aquired by a third party (i dont know how) and this person damaged my virtual property - all of my "digital items" are gone.

These items, which took time to earn and aquire have been stolen in the same way as me walking into your house and stealing your home-made object of choice.

These items, according to many websites have real-money value and, in fact are traded all the time over internet auction websites. I have followed every bit of security advice: i do not file share, use torrents, or visit websites that offer programs for "botting" or share my account data.

I would like to know what can be done - i want this hacker tracked down and punished accordingly. As of now, i have no idea if my computer is clean. My hacker disabled windows security essentials and firewall and used my digital property without consent in a way that damaged me (akin to theft and vandalism).

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How can I be certain that this is really you and not the hacker posting questions?

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