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Spice "potpourri"
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Post Spice "potpourri" 
I have a question. My son had some "spice" that he bought at a gas station in Fort Wayne. I thought that is was illegal to sell the smokable potpourri? I thought it was banned???

How is it possible for a 17 year old to go and buy a tiny little bag of "potpourri" for $20 a baggie. Is there anyway someone can tell me this is really legal??? This really makes me mad that marijuana is illegal but my kid can go to the local gas station and purchase "pot"pourri that has a disclaimer to not smoke, when everyone in America knows what they are doing with it. Its hard enough raising kids and trying to not let them get into bad things (drugs, alcohol, etc.)

the name of the "potpourri" is Urban Kaos (the package has a cute little frog on it and it says whoop a**) it also has a disclaimer: DEA compliant, keep away from children, DO NOT BURN!!.


PLease Please, as a mother of two teen, this world is hard enough without being sold this crap and being told its legal.

Thank You Please this stuff needs to be BANNED!!!!

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Poutpourri isn't supposed to be burned lady, where are you from?

It is a large gray area within the scope of the law. If you do not like it, boycott those gas stations which sell it. Do you have a problem with gas stations selling cigarettes? Boycott them.

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Post Hmm 
Why don't you get angry that the government won't legalize marijuana for medical use or adult use only, so that it can be regulated? It is far less harmless than alcohol or most prescription drugs sold legally and who knows what these new research chemicals (the elements mixed in with harmless herbs to make the "potpurri") will do. If marijuana was legal, there would be no need for a substitute, and the "potpurri" would disappear as fast as it came on the scene. Instead of getting on the internet and crying about circumstances you can't change, why don't you try going and talking to your kid and finding out what's going on in his life that would make him turn to substances. Have you even tried talking to them like a peer instead of parent? Stop trying to control what they do and who they are, but find out whats really going on and WHY.

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Dear Guest, 'mother of two teens',

Welcome to the club of parents concerned about these mind- and mood-altering substances. You ask how it is possible for anyone to go into local gas stations and purchase these substances. The city ordinance is very specific, as is the state law, about what compounds are prohibited from being consumed. Many of the products that are surfacing now are versions of K2; that is the ingredients have been altered to be in compliance, yes to be in compliance, with the city or state laws.

Some of the products surfacing as of late are:
B2, Urban Kaos, Tutti Frutti, Mumba, Voodoo, Bob Marley, and Cloud 9, and there are others.

Most brands have been tested, and as the new brands surface, samples are confiscated and are sent to be tested by the State Police Lab. I have learned that the actual testing is very time consuming, upwards of four hours per compound to be tested.

Our Vice and Narcotics division responds to many complaints of the various products that are surfacing. Often, we find that the products have previously been tested and found to be in compliance with local and state codes. However, should anyone be in possession of or selling any product having the prohibited ingredients, they can be arrested for possession of or dealing in a controlled substance.

My best advice to you at this time, just as Guest 'Kuruptsoul' advises to talk with your son, is to maintain an open line of communication with your teenager(s), and have a healthy dialogue about any and all substances that alter the mood or mind. This will not be the last time that they will be tempted to experiment with such substances and it is best to arm them with good decision making skills so that they can make educated and informed decisions. As you can see, banning a substance or making it illegal doesn't mean that it will not surface in some other form, and it does not guarantee that it will not be consumed or ingested.

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I love your attitude ,strength is very well in your work u have done great job thanks for sharing

Usmle Step 2
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