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Expired License Plate
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Hi guys,

I was very busy the last couple months (newborn, school, overtime, etc), and simply forgot about my plates expiring. Today (Saturday) I got pulled over for my plate being expired and got a ticket.

1.) I will promptly get the plate renewed Tuesday at noon, however will I get pulled over again and issued another ticket between now and then??
2.) Is it possible to have this removed from my record? I'm a clean citizen with a few speeding / parking tickets to my name. All were by accident, as this was, and if possible I would like it removed from my record.

For reference, the police officer was very kind and nice to deal with.

Thanks in advance!

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Post Expired License Plate 
If your vehicle did not have proper license plates or if the license plates were expired, then your vehicle should not have been on the roadway and could have been towed during that traffic stop. The officer exercised discretion and issued you a citation. Should you elect to drive again without having proper license plates, then you are continuing to violate the law. The citation itself is not a 'pass' to continue driving with the expired plate and so yes, you could potentially be stopped again for the same violation and yes, you could be issued another citation, or have your vehicle towed altogether.

I'm not sure what you mean by having this removed from your record. Are you referring to your history of involvements with the City of Fort Wayne Police or are you referring to your Bureau of Motor Vehicle records? Either way, I do not believe that would be possible. We (FWPD) generally do not remove any incidents or involvements that a person is associated with in our database, and we have no control over the practices of the BMV. I hope that answers your question.

You should know that it is a very common excuse or reason that people give for having an expired license plate - they forget to renew their registration. We see this more often with individuals who have moved and have failed to notify the BMV of their new address and so they do not receive the renewal notices in the mail. Fortunately for you, the officer only issued you a citation. In some instances, where the license plate has been expired for some time, it is better to have those vehicles towed that way the owner is forced to properly register and plate the vehicle, and provide proof of or obtain financial responsibility (automobile insurance) for the vehicle.

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