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kids in fenced yard; toys in yard
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Post kids in fenced yard; toys in yard 
Can I confiscate toys that are repeatedly thrown in my fenced yard? At first I was throwing them back over, but it is happening A LOT. Also, what can I do about kids climbing fence and entering my fenced yard? If they are doing this when I am home, I'm sure they are doing it at other times as well. Father of children even lifts the kids over the fence to enter my yard and retrieve some toys. I have talked to him and the kids about this to no avail.

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This post triggered very fond childhood memories of my older brothers recruiting me to retrieve their baseballs from the neighbor's yard. I was smaller so they would pick me up and throw me over the fence just like your neighbors are doing. There was an elderly man who lived next door, Mr. Maple; bless his heart. He would shoot at our dog with a bb gun, then later send over a bag of tomatoes from his garden.

Sure, you can consider those toys abandoned property and confiscate them, or you can toss them back over. It's unfortunate that your requests from their Dad have not been beneficial. I suppose, you could call the FWPD and have an officer explain to him that his children are tresspassing every time they come into your yard uninvited.

Does anybody else have any suggestions?

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Post kids in yard 
This also brings back memories for me also when I was a child, carefree, playing and having fun. It was always nice to talk and have a good relationship with the neighbors. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Unless your concerned about severe safety issues, I would just smile and enjoy watching them play. Maybe offer them a cookie now and then.

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Don't be the distant neighbor! I loved the ones that kept throwing the ball back over to me because I was afraid of going into others' yards as a child.

Just suck it up and throw it back over. Be GENEROUS, not selfish. (Not saying you are, but it's a good saying to keep in mind).

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