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Thefts and vandalisms at Woodview Manor Apartments
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Have lived at Woodview since 2003. Have lost 9 tires on car due to repeated punctures by Woodview maintenance workers. It IS maintenance workers who stereotype single males as homosexuals when we aren't. As of recent, XXX XXX above me has seen the same thing happen to him. Music C.D.s are walking out of my apartment, maintenance issues are not addressed as work orders are intentionally destroyed by XXX XXX and crew.

Maintenance records have been falsified here fror many years by the various women in charge since Woodview was first built.. Maintenance workers are always intruding on apartment residents when they are absent from their apartments. Items are stolen, personal belongings are gone through. XXX slanders residents and accuses the of things they didn't do. Homophobia is common here as it is throughout Ft. Wayne. No women are seen entering and exiting from male resident's homes so we're branded as homosexual and our vehicles are vandalized by Woodview employees. It is always blamed on black residents but such is false.

The owner, XXX XXX does not maintain this property adequately. Only exterior appearances are kept up. My emails have been hacked, my credit union account has been hacked, XXX and crew have repeatedly hacked into my unemployment account and made unwelcome and unauthorized calls to the state concerning my unemployment account.

XXX XXX has made repeated comments about my mental state alleging paranoia and paranoid schizophrenia. Presently, 7 music C.D.s have been stolen from my apartment by maintenance workers. I think legal reprisals should soon be in order and damages should be paid by the property's owner, absentee land lord XXX XXX of Chicago. XXX does not maintain the property.

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