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court summons on traffic ticket
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Post court summons on traffic ticket 
I recieve a speeding ticket from a state police officer for speeding on ......... the ticket referenced IC 9-21-5-2

I asked the officer ...text omitted...he was writing the court summons for new haven. I asked him with no clear response.
After returning home I got online and checked some stuff out it seems as though the deferel program for new haven is twice as expensive as that in fort wayne.

So my question is can the officer even write out the ticket like that since the infraction didn't take place in new haven. Is there any reason at all for him to do it other then seemingly trying to stick me with a higher bill to pay. Is there any other pertenant information I need to know.

I'm sorry for asking this here as I know this is the fwpd however I have browsed your forums before and all the interactions I have had with the fwpd have been good ones. I figured maybe you could shine alittle light on this issue for me.

Just to be clear I'm not asking how to get out of the ticket or anything like that. Just for any clarification that can be given in regards to jurisdiction. I know I made a mistake even if only a breaf one but I don't want to get hammered with what looks like it could be double the charge just because some officer was having a bad day especialy if theres anything I can do to avoid that.

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The usual response for this would be to contact the Indiana State Police but I will attempt to answer a couple things.

1. I would never argue a citation with an officer on the street. The place to argue a citation is in court if you feel you have been wronged. If you feel the officer acted in a manner that was outside the bounds of professionalism then you should contact the agency to file a complaint so it can be investigated.

2. As to the New Haven Court...As long as the violation is one that the New Haven court has been given authority to hear it can be sent to that court if the officer chooses and his Department allows it.

Hope this helps.

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