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A few questions for the FWPD...
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Post A few questions for the FWPD... 
Hi there,

Just had a few simple questions concerning the FWPD and academy (didn't know which forum to post in, sorry if I'm in the wrong place!)

-First off, is the Fort Wayne Police Department Academy still opperational? I haven't been able to determine if it is or not through the website.
If so, is there any way to find the cirriculum for it and also the Fort Wayne Field Training Officer manual?
Also, is it a residential academy? If it is not still operational what academy do Fort Wayne recruits attend?

-Second, what is the standard issue firearm for the Fort Wayne Police Department? I've heard Glock 17 and Glock 19, but not specifically which one it is. Is it for sure a 9mm Glock though?

-And lastly, due to the city canceling the open ride-along program, is there any way to secure a ride along? The Public Information officer said that a LEO would have to submit paperwork now requesting a ride along be permitted. If this is the case how should I go about finding an officer willing to do this?

Thank you very much for your time and answering these question!!

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Question 1. THe Academy is still in place and currently running at the Public Safety Academy.

Question 2. We do not offer the cirriculum or FTO manual to the public.

Question 3. Our academy is not residential the recruits go home at the end of each training day.

Question 4. The FWPD issues the Glock 17 9mm.

Question 4. The only way to currently be permitted to ride along is if you know an officer or speak to one that is willing make the request.

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