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Flying debris from commercial trucks
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Post Flying debris from commercial trucks 
A couple weeks ago i was traveling on I69 when a commercial utility company truck cut me off and when he did so an object flew from his bed of his truck and struck my windshield. I have since replaced the windshield and was wondering what state codes if any this company is violating from the debris leaving the truck bed. FYI this was not a tyical pick up truck it was a chevy kodiak 4500.

thanks for the input

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This is what I found in State Statutes covering loads:

IC 9-20-18-14
Loads not securely fastened; Class C infraction
Sec. 14. (a) This section does not apply to a vehicle that has sides that extend above the load unless the load is not safely secured.
(b) A person who operates or permits the operation of a vehicle:
(1) on which:

(A) logs, lumber, pipe, poles, tanks, boilers, or similar objects are carried and not securely fastened by:
(i) metal chains;
(ii) wire cables;
(iii) steel strapping; or
(iv) logistic webbing of synthetic fibers;
identified as to strength and equipped with compatible hardware, that are of sufficient strength to hold the load in place under ordinary traffic or road conditions; and
(B) a load or part of a load more than ten (10) feet in length is not fastened by at least three (3) of the devices listed under subdivision (1), one (1) of which must be near each end and the other at the approximate center of the load; and
(2) on a public street or highway;
commits a Class C infraction.

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