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Curfew Law question
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Im almost 15, live In lawrence county indiana...and i was wondering... I like to walk around with my 20 year old friend at like 1-2 a.m. around the neighborhood just cause we talk about stuff since ive known him since i was like 7. The marshall in my small town..well..1 of them is a real hardcore and will try to get anyone for anything. I was wondering, Can he do anything to me if i just tell him that im walking around with a 20 year old person? I also heard somewhere that he can give a drug and breathalizer test just if im out late. I think its a load of bull good kids like me can get in trouble just for walking at night. Its cooler outside. Anyways..please respond. thank you.

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Two points here that I would like for you to understand.
Provided that you have your parentís permission to be out at that time in the morning and you are doing nothing illegal, why sweat the fact that the officer is being proactive in patrolling your community?
We as officers have a job to do. It could be a situation that exists in your community where vandalism, thefts, or any other crimes are taking place during hours of the day when lighting is such that it helps to conceal criminal activity. When I encounter two individuals out I will investigate further their reason for being there at that time. It is a facet of our profession to be inquisitive, this is how we solve crimes and protect our communities.

At 14 you need to be home in bed at 2:00 a.m. At 20 he or she should be more responsible than to have a 14 year old out at that time of the morning. It just is not right.

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