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theft follow up procedure
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Post theft follow up procedure 
I had a theft in my vehicle where a credit card and cash were stolen. The credit card had been used in multiple locations already upon cancelling the card. While filing the report I was told that there is typically no follow up to this information as it is a "misdemeanor" crime. My question concerns why not follow up when the name of the stores is known from where the stolen card was used? While I realize there are limited resources available for "misdemeanor" incidents when there is evidence that can be used shouldn't it at least be acknowledged? To here that the case is closed with no follow up to information available is difficult to understand.

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This is a problem not only for law enforcement to keep up with but as well our prosecutor's office. The problem exists with leaving these types of valuables in vehicles to be stolen. Every week we are bombarded with anywhere from 50-70 thefts from vehicles. We look at the root causes and we find that the victim left a wallet, a purse, a laptop, a GPS unit, golf clubs, camera, tools, money, briefcase, CD's, in plain view. Every one of them preventable.
We are limited by the number of resources on hand to "immediately" follow up on every misdemeanor theft that takes place. Understand we wish we could, but when you have that many thefts from vehicles, and then you throw into the mix every other crime that has taken place, you can see that it is a daunting task to balance investigations.
Being proactive goes along way in assisting law enforcement in helping us to manage our caseloads.

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I would like to add that I seen a eye opening show just recently with one of Fort Wayne's finest (sorry don't know the officers name for sure).

They looked at some various cars in a parking lot and it was amazing the items people leave in view as well as leaving doors unlocked, etc.

I thought it was helpful to know as well that Women tend to dress up their car and it just targets you in the long run for possible danger from others.

I learned a lot from the program, possibly you can post the Officers name and times the show airs?


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Officer Todd Battershell and myself did the program, "Behind the Badge". It is clear to see based on our findings why we are having a spike in thefts from vehicles. It was not staged and truly was our first stop. Out of about 20-vehicles parked in a retail environment we found keys in the ignition, a purse in the back seat, tools, cash, tax papers containing all types of personal information, golf clubs, CD's, license plates, electronics, and on and on.... What a sad commentary it was to see just how we set ourselves up for failure.
The program airs;
Wednesday's at 9:00 p.m.
Thursday's at 7:30 p.m.
Friday's at 8:00 a.m.
Sunday's at 5:30 p.m.
Comcast channel 58 and on Verizon's channel 28

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