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Issues in my front yard
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Good day,
I have a small problem but a problem all the same. I live on a corner house and the kids(and adults) walk and through my driveway daily to get to school, to the corner candy store, to get to the bus stop and just to hang out(they like to do that right infront of the house). I own a small black chiuaua who by nature barks at everything that moves(even leaves) and when these individauls walk by the house he barks(what a surprise). Up till now there havn't been to many problems because alot of them seemed to be scared of my dog, but as time progressed they no longer fear my little yapper and have become increasingly bold. They will stick there hands through the fence(he will not bite them) and tease him, they curse at him(very explicit language) and they disrepect my wife when she goes outside to explain to them that he is a dog and he barks. I am at a point where I would like to buy a large aggressive dog and put him outfront as well to try and stop this but I know that this is not a solution. Is there any kind of feedback that you can give me as to some options that I might have or some things that others have done to fix disrespecful people walking by there house. Thank you in advance for your time.

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Well let's deal with the things you can control.
During those times of day that the children are to and from school, keep the dog in the house thereby eliminating those particular encounters.
How about a little reverse psychology? How about introducing your dog to the children in hopes of establishing a relationship with them that is on a more positive footing? It would go a long way to have the dog greet the children as friends versus foes.
I'm sure we will have others that have experience in this area that will offer up other suggestions.

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