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Moped/Scooter Info in Plain Language Please
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Post Moped/Scooter Info in Plain Language Please 
After seeing the segments on the TV news about the moped/schooter campaign yesterday, I took them up on their offer to "read more about it on our website." I just read the official news release regarding the new scooter/moped selective traffic enforcement campaign. I printed out the three pages of 'rules' but, come on, these are legal-ease at best. Can someone put into plain language what this all means? I am a mother trying to assist her son in doing the right thing.

Specifically, if he is 18, has a valid driver's license, has a moped that is 49cc and only drives it 25mph maximum while obeying all traffic laws while wearing a full helmet with face protection, is he okay as is? When do special license, license plates, and insurance become required.

I have seen the three pages of state statutes/city ordinances but prefer not to hire a lawyer for interpretation. Please do the community a favor and spell this out in plain, clear language as part of your initial phase of Educating the Public. This means getting the simple language version to the news media as a follow-up to yesterday's news blitz. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

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49cc or less
Automatic transmission
Not to exceed 25 mph on a flat surface. (Vehicle "will not" travel more than 25 mph when at full throttle on a flat surface)
The above is a motorized bicycle/moped and does not require it to be licensed or insured as a scooter or motorcycle would.

If the vehicle has an engine capacity greater than 49cc, or has an engine capacity of 49cc or less but "can" travel at speeds greater than 25mph then it is "by law" required to be licensed, carry insurance, and the operator must have a valid drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement.

To operate a motorized bicycle/moped on must be at minimum 15-years of age, carry a state ID card or a state driverís license, if under the age of 18 the operator must wear an approved helmet, and have eye protection in the form of safety glasses or a full face shield.

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This last week alone I have seen no less than 4 of these "unlicensed" scooters shooting down State Blvd East of Coliseum well over 25mph.. (still holding up traffic behind them but running at about 34 mph)..

I ride this route daily and these people (all but 1) had no helmets, eye protection and in one case 2 girls in tshirts, shorts and flip flops....

sure seems to me that this is getting a bit out of hand and more injuries and fatalities are coming... hopefully the cooler weather will get some of these parked..

No Excuses.. Ride Smart...
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