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Give them a break!
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This is more of a comment for the general public reading these threads more than anything.
I have noticed a trend on these forums, and from everyday people about "why and officer did this or that". One thing I can tell you for sure through my dealings with officers, is that there is no way for you to tell what is leading an officer to behave in a certain way. One good example would be an officers driving. While it is absolutely appropriate for officers to follow traffic laws when not responding to a call, you have no way to know whether they are or not. Take the typical domestic disturbance for example. In that situation, it is sometimes necessary to turn the emergency equipment off when getting in the general area. So while you see a cop speeding unnecessarily, they may well be responding to a situation that demands they arrive quickly and silently. STOP ASSUMING!

I also hear a lot of people questioning the morals of officers, making broad strokes with their generalizations. While, as with anything in life, there will be bad apples, the vast majority have your best interests, and safety at heart. Yes, they will make mistakes, we all do. Just because something is not handled the way you would like, or they said something that hurt your feelings, doesn't make every police officer insensitive, or any number of explatives that you could come up with. I hear people all the time questioning the ethics of every officer out there, but then when their car is burglarized, who do they call?

I guess the bottom line is that they deserve as much respect as you would give to anyone. Maybe the next time you're in line behind a cop at the gas station, instead of the looks of disdain, buy them a cup of coffee and say thanks for putting themselves between you and people that would choose to do you harm.

And no, I am not a associated with any law enforcement agency, just observant.

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In other words if you see an officer doing something that appears blatantly wrong, it's for your own safety so please shut up unless you're glued to your police scanner.

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