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home burglary
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Post home burglary 
My home was burglarized on Dec 22, 2007. I immediately had a suspect of who I believed and still believe was involved in this case, but because the suspect was a minor, without the parents consent he could not be brought in for questioning, at least this is what I was told. Of course the parents are going to protect their child and not let him be questioned especially when this particular child was one that was on parole for previous theft crimes and was just about to be off of parole. This still bothers me today because I feel like nothing was done and this person and the other persons involved got away with it. Although it wasn't a huge crime around $1000 worth of items was stolen, I had things of great personal value stolen that I can never get back like jewelry that belonged to my now dead grandmother. And the fact the my kids had several christmas gifts taken. I just feel if this person would've been questioned they would've gotten to the bottom of the case immediately, and now I'm left with knowing these kids did this and I can do nothing about it. I didn't know if there was anything further I can do about this. Thank you.

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If during the initial investigation the officer was given suspect information it would included in the report and then followed up on by the detective assigned the case. Juvenile or not, there would have been some type of follow up. Call and ask the detective that has the case to update you on the status of his or her interviews.

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