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How about a little cross walk enforcement?
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Post How about a little cross walk enforcement? 
Particularly downtown. Cars stopping for traffic lights seem to feel that the cross walk area is theirs to block as they stage for the next green signal.

I am wheelchair bound, and often this leaves me no alternative than to pass between the front of the offending auto, and the cross traffic. A less than safe feeling, let me tell you. A few weeks of targeted enforcement would get the public's attention, I am sure.

While you are at it, a little \"leash law\" enforcement would be nice too. It's been so long since this ordinance was properly enforced, just about everybody acts like there is no such requirement. Even an overly friendly dog can pose a risk of injury if left to wander freely by a careless master.

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Post help for wheelchair-bound 
ANother thing the FWPD needs to start doing is looking for cars that pull into driveways, but not up far enough, becasue they BLOCK THE SIDEWALKS.
Anyone walking down the sidewalk OR in a wheelchair can't get by!
They ticket such things in DETROIT (otr all cities), so why not HERE?

There is a LOT of this that goes on in the (where else?) SOUTHEAST side of Ft. Wayne.

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