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Are police officers allowed to run red lights?
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Post Are police officers allowed to run red lights? 
I actually already know the answer to my question. No, police officers are not exempt from following basic traffic laws. A Fort Wayne police officer completely ran a red light today. I'm not talking it was yellow and then turned red while be was going through the intersection. The person in front of him turned as it turned red and the officer decided to accelerate through it. It is because of police officers like this that many people do not trust and respect police officers.

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The Fort Wayne Police Officers are extremely busy, while they did not have their lights on, they were most likely reporting to a call, by having their lights they are responding to a call where someone is hurt or is likely to be hurt so that means get the heck out of the way. Our officers are very busy, while it is annoying their may be one or two that will run it for no reasons, respect what they do, and let them do their job, most do it very well.

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Post Seriously? 
You should just get over it. What does it matter if a police officer ran a red light or not. All jobs have their perks. Restaurant employees get free meals, are you going to complain to them as well? Don't be jealous that the perks of a police officer are better than the ones your job offers. Get over it.

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Post Whoa 
Whoa! Really? Police are not exempt from traffic laws?

That is good to know! I see them speeding through lights too. I had to swerve back in my lane so quickly because I thought he was chasing someone. But no, he then slowed down up ahead to turn into some gas station.

Too true, this is why I cannot always trust anyone, not just police.

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