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Noisy Neighbor
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I have a neighbor that has an extremely loud motorcycle. Every morning between 5:30 and 7 am he sits in his driveway and revs the engine for 5-10 mins before noisily driving away. The bike can be heard a mile down the road after he leaves. He returns an hour later and revs the engine some more before the noise stops. This is a 7 day a week annoyance. My two year old son and myself are woke up every morning only to fall back asleep and be awaken again an hour later. This is my neighbor so I do not want to start a confrontation, but I have read the noise ordinance policy for Fort Wayne and I know that he is in violation of it. I do not know if I call the police because by the time they would arrive he would be gone, unless they waited for an hour until he got back. I understand this would not be a priority to the FWPD, but peace and quiet at 5:30 am is a priority to me. What should or can I do?

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I can relate to your experience. I've dealt with such morons for a DECADE where I live.
You have to understand that a NOISE violation recieves a LOW priority, as opposed to a *62* (party armed).
I know first hand that the police OFTEN arrive LONG after the violation for noise has been committed, and most of the violators KNOW as much, because they NEVER seem to hang around long enough (sometimes response can take as long as FORTY MINUTES...again, from first-hand experience) top get caught, unless they're stupid, and even then, all they get is a WARNING...
(that does little good)

It used to be called RESPECT for one's neighbor...
But these days, anything goes.
(and that can lead to violent behavior...from either side of the fence.)

I would suggest you take down as much information as possible, and then pass it along to the FWPD.
It might not solve the problem outright, but it lets the police know they have a problem in that area, and might be able to address it.
AND, YOU have it on record for the future that you're doing SOMETHING.

Good luck.

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