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NON-residents Fishing @ Community Pond
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Post NON-residents Fishing @ Community Pond 

There are alot of people that come here to the Communitys pond
to fish. (only residents are allowed to fish) It's mostly the same ones. They come early and stay
all day, leave late, carry out buckets, and buckets of fish,
and leave trash, feces, and fishing line that the geese and duck easily get
trapped in.
They go to the restroom in the bushes, and the little girl even took
her skirt off and went into the water. This was done in plain site!

They are doing this on a regular basis now.
I contacted the Manager, and she told ME to call the police.
I gave her the address of where they park, etc figuring she can
take care of it, but I received no help from her. Now what can be done to get
rid of the health issue and trash they constantly leave behind?

Thank you,

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Post Fisherman... 
I think I can answer this or shed some light on this issue. Is this pond inside or outside city limits? Either way there needs to be no trespassing signs or no fishing etc... up before anything can be enforced. Maybe a catch and release only sign? Not much can be done unless you or other members of your community wish to press charges (in court, costs money) against the people. Otherwise an officer can only tell the people to leave.

If they are keeping fish I would ask them to put them back and to no longer bring buckets. If they are keeping over the quanity limit and/or fish smaller than the size limits then they are breaking other laws and its possible a DNR officer could be of assistance. They would then possibly be fined or asked to put the fish back. Hope this helps a little, winter is soon so I think the cold should keep them out for a while.

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Post More fishing? 
Forgot to add as far as the trash goes.. That is littering! They can get a ticket for that but an officer must see it happen Sad Trash cans may help if the community places them near the pond. One can only hope they will use them. I have had a similiar situation at the addition pond in the neighborhood that I live in. It is really a hard situation to deal with since its private propery and not enforced the same as a lake is. Its something you must catch on video for proof in order to take the trespassers to court. Its even more difficult if you are the only one that cares enough to try an possibly help care for the fish and the pond grounds. If you yourself are affraid to ask the people to leave etc. you need to find an enforcer. I noticed you mentioned a manager was no help, she probably doesnt care enough which is sad.

I would call the cops, a non emergency number. Explain to them the situation and have an officer ask them to leave or possibly check the situation out. Chances are once they see someone is watching or the cops show up once or twice they will get the idea. Best of luck! for next spring/summer when fishing season comes back in.

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